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Company Holiday Party 101: 4 Must-Have Looks! Cocoa Millennial

Holiday Party 101: 4 Must-Have Looks!

December 12, 2017 4 Comments

Now that we are well into the month of December, it’s time to bring on everything that’s exciting about Christmas! Whether it’s setting up your tree, pulling out the old egg nog recipes, or ordering your annual pajamas set for the family, it’s truly the most wonderful time of the year. And when it comes to your employer, hopefully by now you have received an invitation or two to what will be some very exciting holiday parties. Holiday parties are always a good idea, because not only are you able to bond with friends and colleagues, but there’s usually a DJ, a nice menu of entrée options, and hopefully a few libations for everyone to enjoy responsibly. Figuring out what to wear is usually the biggest battle for the ladies, so I’ve put together a couple of ideas to help you get the party started right. Here’s “Holiday Party 101: 4 Must-Have Looks”



Look #1: All that Fringe


Nothing screams fun like a festive fringe outfit! While doing some online shopping, I came across this festive frock offered by Venus. It’s an affordable dress at $69, and comes in four different colors. I am personally ordering the red one! Not only is it super fashionable, but this dress is also company holiday party approved!


Fringe, dress



Another great combo for your holiday party is a blouse paired with a fringe skirt. I found this black fringe skirt at Banana Republic, and it’s the perfect high-waist skirt that can be paired with a blouse. At $128, the price is a little steeper, but you can definitely get multiple uses with this skirt, so it balances out.




Look #2: Some Sparkle, Some Shine


Since this is the season to sparkle, you have your perfect opportunity at your holiday party. Whether it’s sequins or a metallic shine, there are so many fun options out there for you to explore.


If you know me, then you know I am the queen of affordability. Events happen so quickly, so I rarely see the value in spending a ton of money on a dress that you may only get a couple of uses out of. I found this metallic silver dress at Charlotte Russe for a frugal catch of $20.99. Shiny, simple and chic, this dress is perfect for your next holiday function.



If you want to make the look a little more conservative, add a blazer to complete the look. There are also a ton of fun sequined options out there. Since sequin dresses seem to be a tad tighter and shorter, I would recommend going for a fun sequin blouse instead. I found this super cute top at Nordstrom Rack for $36, which will pair nicely with pants and a closed-toe heel:



The party doesn’t always have to be up top. There are a ton of cute sequin pants online, like these $22 drawstring pants available right now on Amazon.





Look #3: LBD with a Pop of Color


Most of us own at least one Little Black Dress that is our faithful go-to when we don’t have the time to find something else. Since many of us are on a tight budget this time of year due to Christmas-related expenses, try something very simple and add a pop of color to your LBD. For this look, I went into my closet and found everything I needed: a Little Black Dress that I love and rarely use, and a vintage red jacket that I’ve kept since high school! The last time I wore this jacket was during my Homecoming Queen run my senior year of high school, but I recently found it at my mom’s house, and thought it would be a perfect, festive piece for the holidays. Pair this easily with black heels, and you’re ready for a fun night out:



If you don’t want to add a jacket, there’s also faux fur jackets, scarves, and many other options you can try. Target has a wonderful amount of options to choose from, and I especially like the faux fur stole and red scarf as options for a Little Black Dress:




Look #4: Tailored Suit


If you want to do something a little more off-the-grid this holiday season, I absolutely love the look of a tailored suit. A tailored suit can be a little more of a financial investment, so finding a suit that you can get multiple uses from is key. I found this cute tailored suit at Macy’s, currently on sale for $179:




With the holiday season in full swing, let your individuality and personality shine through your party attire. Cheers to hoping you and your loved ones enjoy the best holiday parties ever! How many holiday parties are you attending this year? Was it easy to figure out what you would wear? Comment below, let’s chat!


With Love, Melanie


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    December 12, 2017

    These are some creative looks, and I especially love the idea of sequined pants!

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      December 12, 2017

      Hi Zac,

      Thank you for checking out my blog post. Yes, I love sequined pants! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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    December 12, 2017

    Beautiful outfits. I love how they are so classy and well put together. The red fringed dress and those sparkly pants are my favorite😍

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      December 14, 2017

      Hi Dani,

      Thank you for checking out my blog! Yes, I absolutely love both of those items. Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Holiday, XO!