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The Ultimate Bikini Guide: Finding the Perfect Swimwear for your Body

August 9, 2017 0 Comments

It’s August, and depending on where you live, you likely have another month or two of hot weather. With vacation season still in full force, finding the right bikini can be a fun, but sometimes daunting task. Luckily, knowing what looks best on your body type is half the battle. I have put together an awesome guide to help you identify which looks will help you slay your next swimsuit. Check out my new post, The Ultimate Bikini Guide: Finding the Perfect Swimwear for your Body.


For those with a Small Bust

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages in having a small bust is the ability to get away with almost any kind of bikini top, especially those that do not offer a lot of support up top. Some of your better options would include strapless bikini tops, as well as tops that include bold patterns/cuts and layered tops, such as ruffles and fringe. Having a small bust gives you a vast variety of fun tops to choose from, so take a look at some of these below suggestions to help you find the perfect fit.






For Tall, Lean Bodies

For the tall, slender women, finding a flattering bathing suit can get a little complicated. Although they can fit into almost any bathing suit of their choice, many in this body type tend to want to look more curvy. Thus, some of the best bathing suits for these ladies are the ones that create an illusion of more curves, all while showing off their amazing bod. Here are a couple of examples:




There’s also a great high-waist bikini available now through my site, Skin + Swim:



For the Bottom Heavy

Having large hips, thighs and butt can be especially challenging. I am bottom-heavy, and I find it difficult to find bottoms that will fit properly, as well as swimwear that looks good on my body type. I have found that monokinis, high-line bikinis and bold tops work best on our body type. I am especially fond of monokinis because they have less constraint in the lower body areas, and allow you to show off and accentuate your curves. Check out this gorgeous monokini from my own line, Skin + Swim:



If you’re more into a traditional bikini style, these below looks are all great options. Bikini bottoms that include adjustable straps are a must:




For the Large Bust

If you are more endowed up top, you’ll want to make sure that you choose bikinis that provide excellent support. Some of you best bets will be with bikinis that provide underwire support, as well as adjustable straps. If this is your body type, here are some of the best picks for you:


For a Flatter Tummy


Perhaps the biggest request I receive from women is about finding swimwear that will cover their midsection. Since this area tends to be the biggest challenge for us, I have a few swimsuit ideas that will work well for you:


Mesh monokinis with limited cut-outs look great because they hide the problem area while still giving sex appeal. You can also opt for a tankini type of bathing suit.


Hopefully, this guide will get you closer towards the swimsuit of your dreams! What swimwear looks best on your body? Comment below, let’s chat!


With love, Melanie

With Love, Melanie